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Is there plans for a Mailbrew API?

Not sure if this has been discussed here before (could not find a search option in Circle on iOS)

Is there an API for Mailbrew (GET brews, etc.) or maybe even a way to build own custom sources?

😔 Really sad to see the bottom pagination buttons removed

Most of the time I read my brews every day — but some days I forget or am too busy. So the next day, I would read my brew (scrolled all the way to the bottom) and have the pagination buttons directly there to click through to the previous day brew.

I was super happy when the bottom pagination buttons were introduced (they were initially only at the top). So, having used this feature a lot, I‘m super sad to see them disappear again. 😔  

I mostly read my brews in the evening (if I don‘t get bored earlier). But I very regularly  miss days as well (mostly once a week, sometimes more if I try to digitally detox a bit).

Would love to know: How do you typically read your brews?