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NoCode Architect
👋 This is Veronica. Italian born and raised. Recovered lawyer. 10 years in tech, from startup generalist to B2B product marketing for Amazon. Now running a no-code product studio.

Typefully Pro?

I'm going to throw it out here since I've been looking for an excuse to use Typefully. Any deals / free trials for the Mailbrew community?  👀
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Decided to publish one of my brews! Introducing: NoCode Times newsletter

Inspired by this space, I've done it! Thanks  Tomi Gelo  for the banner tip. Nice touch!

As I did this, I have 2 questions:
  1.  Is it possible to add only selected newsletters to a brew? 
  2. Is there a way to auto-tweet the brew?
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Little 🐛

Trying to change my delivery time but this interaction is not working for me! Just doesn’t save. This is mobile safari.

Hello from California!

Hi everyone!

I'm Veronica and I'm Italian (born and raised), but I've been living in the US and working in software for about 10 years now!  At the moment, you can find me at product studio called, where we design and develop product using "NoCode" 😉

I signed up for Mailbrew because I loved the design of the website, and I assumed the thing was just as delightful! 🥰 It helps me stay on top of things without burning half of my day on Twitter, Reddit, and random browser tabs (although that still happens). My dream is to move all my information diet to Mailbrew. As per other brews, I still mostly drink espresso but I developed a taste for strong black American coffee (think Twin Peaks).

It also looks I'm the only woman here so far, but I have high hopes! 

Feel free to reach out!

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