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Steve Ledlow

I father. I write. I drink coffee.

Minimum iOS Version?

Is there a minimum version that Mailbrew will work on? I have an old iPad Mini 2 I use as a dedicated e-reader. It caps out at iOS 12.5.3 and I can’t seem to tap any UI element in the upper row (Newsletters, etc.). I can tap individual brews.

Thanks and hope all the questions/feedback isn’t overkill.

Another minor UI element suggestion

Every time I need to go copy my Mailbrew newsletter email address, I have to think for a moment where it is in the UI. The question mark icon works, but maybe a gear/settings icon would work better? I realize the bottom link is to support/FAQ, but I don’t head there because of questions 99% of the time.

Newsletters vs Messages

In the Newsletters UI, the term “messages” is used vs “newsletters” in the Inbox Zero and Search contexts. Shouldn’t those refer to the items as “newsletters” as well?

Seems like a reference to the fact these are emails in delivery mechanism, but I never think of them that way in Mailbrew.
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Best Email Received Lately

Francesco Di Lorenzo Fabrizio Rinaldi So happy for you guys and for the great product offering to the first paying 1000.

Since I see you are part of #StickerClub, you should totally try to come up with a special designed one for the first 1000 subscribers and send them out for proud display.

Here’s the underside of my work machine:

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Brews Icon

May seem like a silly thing to some, but every time I open Mailbrew I have a momentary glitch where the Brews icon registers as a swollen top hat 🎩 vs. an espresso cup with a drop shadow/saucer.

Maybe a handle on the cup would be a solution? I’m a huge fan of symmetry in design, but since Saved already has a ribbon/bookmark to one side (totally appropriate), the handle wouldn’t feel completely out of place IMO.

Welcome to any discussion or thoughts.


First time Rando

When I saw that there was nothing in this section, I randomly decided to share something random. Enjoy.

Homemade campfire in the Georgia mountains in late December 2020. 🔥
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Glad to be a part of a community centered around such a great app and ecosystem of focus.

I’ve been riding the Mailbrew train since the beta and it’s been a great ride with lots of lovely stops along the way.

Looking forward to tips & tricks and networking with others that seek the same balance & simplicity in this crazy digital experience we now call “life”.

Follow and engage with me on Twitter if doing so inside the community isn’t your bag. I’ve shed most other social  media, but Twitter still has more signal than noise (personally).
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