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Tomi Gelo

Maker of

🔍 Not So BigQuery

Yesterday issue #10 of my public brew 🔍 Not So BigQuery came out! It's a weekly digest with news about Google's popular data warehousing service sourced from various blogs, Twitter and Reddit.

Right now it has 77 subscribers 🎉

This brew utilizes a few tricks I saw in other newsletters like adding a Buy me a coffee link at the end of the brew (as seen in Janel's SaaS Investing Digest) or having a banner image at the top.

In order to show only relevant blog articles I came up with a feature for advanced curating/filtering of RSS sources. If you want to learn more about how it works, I wrote a detailed tutorial here.

You can subscribe to 🔍 Not So BigQuery here 👇

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Twitter stats (following/followers) in Mailbrew

Here is a way how to get your Twitter stats (followers/following) into Mailbrew:

Note: this requires a paid subscription (currently starting at $10/month)

  1.  Create a public Google Sheet, go to Tools -> Script editor and paste the following code in there (add your own Google Sheet ID, API key and Twitter username):

function getTwitterData() {
  var s = SpreadsheetApp.openById(YOUR_SHEET_ID);
  var liveSheet = s.getSheetByName('LiveData');
  var key = YOUR_ILO_API_KEY;
  var url = ''
    + '?history=1'
    + '&api_key=' + key;

  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, {'muteHttpExceptions': true});
  var json = response.getContentText();
  var data = JSON.parse(json);


2. Run the code once and confirm the authorisation popups from Google Sheets.

3. If everything looks fine, automate it by adding a daily trigger for this function using the Triggers option from the left-hand side menu.

This code will now write your current Twitter following/follower stats into the cells A2 and B2 of a sheet named 'LiveData' respectively (make sure you have a sheet with that name).

4. Go to the default sheet 'Sheet1' and add a simple formula in cell A1 referencing your Twitter stats cells like so:

= "Followers: " &'LiveData'!B2  & ", following: " & 'LiveData'!A2

5. Finally, add your Sheet ID to the following URL to get an RSS feed version of the data:

Now you have a working RSS feed with your Twitter stats which can be added to Mailbrew as a regular Website/RSS source 👍

Add a banner image to you public brews

This might be obvious to some but I don't see this trick being used at all.

One easy way to make your public brews feel more 'newsletter-y' is to add a banner image near the top. For this, you can use the text source in Mailbrew (under 'decorations').

Here you can add an image from an URL by using the below markdown syntax:


This is also what I do in my Not So BigQuery brew.

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Hey everyone 👋, it's Tomi, Mailbrew power user and maker of crssnt.

Recently I received the 300th issue of my daily brew digest from Mailbrew. Needless to say, switching from doomscrolling Twitter, Reddit etc. to receiving one (or sometimes more) emails with all the information I need has been one of the best decisions I made last year.

I've also made some of my brews public. For example, Not So BigQuery is a weekly digest of blog posts and news regarding Google Cloud's popular data warehousing service.

In order to make the feed items more relevant I've added some filtering/curation to the RSS sources using a service I'm working on currently called crssnt.

Looking forward to getting to know other Mailbrew users here!
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