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Francesco Di Lorenzo

Co-founder Mailbrew
Co-founder of Mailbrew, programmer, indie hacker.

Mailbrew Screenshot Source

Reposting this here since I may have time to polish and ship this new source this week.

Especially curious about how you would use it and if having a "screenshot history" (screenshot in past issues keep working) is important for your use case.

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Vaccination Progress

To keep tabs on when we will be out of this mess. Probably there are some similar bots out there for your country too.
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Crypto art in your brew

Loving my brew even more since adding the Beeple Twitter account. I limited it to just one tweet, most popular, full images and this reliably surfaces the daily piece created by the artist. Highly recommended. 

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Techmeme Twitter Account

I usually keep a @Techmeme Twitter user source with just a couple of tweets and on 2 columns in the middle of my daily brew.

It's a great way to get the two most relevant tech headlines for the day without adding much clutter.

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I am Francesco, Mailbrew's co-founder, tech lead, and user id 1.

I have a background in computer science and was always fascinated with online entrepreneurship. I launched my first app when I was 18, almost 10 years ago (God, I am old 😂).

In my free time, I like reading (history, culture, and the occasional self-help), cooking 🥬 (am I allowed to use this emoji  Nicolo S ?) and roaming on my horse in Red Dead Redemption on Stadia.

 Fabrizio Rinaldi  and I launched Mailbrew 1 year ago to fight feeds overload and because we wanted a better information diet for ourselves. In a year we reached ramen-profitability and Mailbrew is now our full-time job, with a growing team.

I am really proud of what we have built and of the amazing people that are signing up and giving us feedback every day. Let's use this space to discuss ideas and make Mailbrew even better! 🙌
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